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2021-05-14 15:02:09
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1. Upgrade steps

- Download the latest version of the source code package from our website, ending with .zip here

- Unzip the package and overwrite the original directory. For example, the previous ZenTao installation directory was under c:\xampp\zentao, then the code should override c:\xampp\zentao. Copy all files under zentaopms/ to xampp/zentao/ and paste.

- Run the upgrade program. For example, if your ZenTao access path is, and then the upgrade path is

- According to the wizard, select the right version and follow the prompts.


  • Do not remove the original program, then unzip the new version. Do overwrite it! Do not copy and paste or make it like this c:\xampp\zentao\zentao.
  • Do not download .exe file to upgrade, or it will overwrite the original data!

2. Extension compatibility issues

If you have installed any extension developed by a third party before the upgrade, you need to check whether it is compatible with the new version of ZenTao. If you cannot access ZenTao after the upgrade, you can replace the ZenTao code:

- Rename the current code folder of ZenTao (generally the default is /zentao or /zentaopms);

- Go to the official ZenTao website ( to download the source code of the same version of ZenTao, unzip it and place it under the same directory, and keep the folder name the same as the previous ZenTao code folder name.

- Copy config/my.php www/data/upload/1 www/.ztaccess www/.htaccess in the original folder to the corresponding directory of the new ZenTao folder, and then try to visit ZenTao.

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